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Welcome home to Coastal High School (CHS), a tuition-free public charter high school, where students engage in real world application, are known by name, and practice leadership skills every day.

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach near the Market Common, CHS is open to all high school students in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Small class sizes, project-based learning, and personalized instruction are just a few things that set us apart from the rest. Students can earn over 24 hours of college credit while leaving behind the challenges that come from large school environments.




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  1. Proviso 1.3 Budget – FY23-24

    According to Proviso 1.3 – Pursuant to Section 59-20-80, each school board of trustees must make available by September first each school year its annual budget that includes state, local, and federal investments in education. The budget must be available on the district’s website. The department, in collaboration with local school districts, will provide a template that each district must use in reporting its budget.

    SECTION 59-20-80. School budgets must be made public; itemization of salaries.

    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each school board of trustees in this State shall annually make available to the general public its budget for that year, which budget shall include an itemized list of the average salaries paid to the superintendents, supervisors, administrators, principals, consultants, counselors and teachers employed by the district. No state aid shall be given to any school district whose board of trustees fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter

  2. Academy Safety Information
  3. Animals On Academy Property
  4. Anti-discrimination Policy
  5. Anti-harassment Policy – Employees
  6. Anti-harassment Policy – Students
  7. Controlled Substance And Alcohol Policy For Commercial Motor Vehicle (cmv) Drivers
  8. Drug-free Workplace – Students
  9. Drug-free Workplace -Employees
  10. Education Of Children With Disabilities
  11. Environmental Health And Safety Issues
  12. Fair Labor Standards Act
  13. Family & Medical Leaves Of Absence
  14. Homebound Policy
  15. Homeless Students
  16. Nondiscrimination And Access To Equal Educational Opportunity
  17. Public Attendance At Academy Events
  18. Religious And Patriotic Ceremonies And Observances
  19. Section 504/ada Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination In Employment
  20. Section 504/ada Prohibition Against Discrimination Based On Disability
  21. Student Privacy And Parental Access To Information Policy
  22. Parent & Family Engagement Policy
  23. Parent-School Compact
  24. Sexual Harassment Policy
  25. Special Education Referral And Evaluation Procedures
  26. Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  27. Child Find
  28. Financial Policies, Annual Budget
  29. Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
  30. Covid Information
  31. Cla Formal Grievance Form
  32. Student Records Policy
  33. Esser Iii- Return To School Survey
  34. 2021-2022 Coastal Leadership Academy Title I Plan
  35. Gavin’s Law (H.3583) is legislation that makes sexual extortion, the act of blackmailing someone using sexually explicit images or videos, a felony offense and an aggravated felony if the victim is a minor, vulnerable adult, or if the victim suffers bodily injury or death directly related to the crime.

    Information on Gavin’s Law will be on the school’s website for all parents or guardians, students, school personnel and the public to access.

    The policy will be subject to regular review to ensure continuous alignment with Gavin’s Law and to accommodate necessary updates in response to evolving requirements or best practices. Please contact Annie Hickerson, ahickerson@coastalleadership.org for more information.

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